Since 1973, OFEL Costruzioni Elettromeccaniche s.r.l. manufactures and exports all around the world high quality alternators and motors for elevating devices.
The use of high quality materials, the cutting-edge design and the use of advanced technologies, provide high efficiency and reliability to the products branded OFEL.
The numerous typologies of OFEL products allow their use in many domains, and OFEL motors and alternators are employed in most common applications, like hoists and residential elevators, as well as in ships and in strategic facilities, like hospitals and airports.
In addition to the wide range of standard products, OFEL Costruzioni Elettromeccaniche s.r.l., can promptly manufacture custom made products for any specific application requested by the customer.
The reliability of the products and the care of the customer are the hallmarks of Ofel Costruzioni Elettromeccaniche s.r.l. on the market.


The range of motors includes one speed three-phase induction motors (power rates between 2kW and 50kW - 4 and 6 poles) and two speed three-phase induction motors (power rates between 2kW and 50kW - 4/16, 4/24 and 6/24 poles).


The range of alternators includes GTB 4 poles brushless alternators type constant-voltage.
Power range includes four shaft heights, from 15kVA to 600kVA with frequency 50Hz and 1500rpm or from 18kVA to 720kVA with frequency 60Hz and 1800rpm.


Ofel - officina storicaofel- motore elettricoofel-produzione The OFEL Electromechanical Constructions was founded in 1973 by Mr. Michelangelo Totino who with the strong entrepreneurial and technical skills, has transformed the previous individual firm, founded in the years '50, in the current dynamic and competitive company.
The current shareholders are the heirs of Mr. Michelangelo Totino, who continue to follow with passion and dedication the work of the family business, with the objective to provide their customers with a high quality product and to respond with ever greater competence and readiness to their requests, continuing the company's policy of the founder.


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